Aguiar is an emerging new media artist, for over 10 years an Information Technologist, for over twelve years an Internet Producer, and over 20 years a video/filmmaker. Aguiar has employed various arts practices, disciplines, and technologies to investigate issues critical to the advancement of our culture. She is interested in interdisciplinary studies such as the Fine and computer based Arts, Engineering and the Sciences. Her practice centers around many topics, but continues to explore the aesthetics of border politics in New Media Art. Aguiar’s work is aligned with a history of border art that include Guillermo Gomez Pena’s views of cultural theory, Coco Fusco’s interventions in live art and film, and Yolanda Lopez’ self-portraiture. Her work also deals with the ways in which race and cultural identity intersect with a general notion of Chican@/Latinx identity. A pattern that emerges in her work is feminism and border culture. She tends to use colorful and vibrant images as a form of self-expression. Her graduate Art School program exposed her to work with innovators and pioneers of experimental media such as Pauline Oliveros and Johannes Goebel, Director of EMPAC. RPI offered many courses in the production of music which highly influence her work, however, she chooses to continue working within the video art avant-garde context informed by many artists but in particular such artists as Nao Bustamante and Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Aguiar resides in Los Angeles, California.

Contact info: Phone number:323-906-7012

Email Address:zulmaa@gmail.com



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